शासकीय नागार्जुन स्नातकोत्तर विज्ञान महाविद्यालय ,रायपुर

Government Nagarjuna Post Graduate College of Science, Raipur

Established 1948

Affiliated to Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University Raipur

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Brief History

The State of Chhattisgarh possesses rich mineral wealth of rock and mineral resources. A scientific and systematic exploration of available rocks and minerals require a centre of higher learning. With these aims and objectives the Department of Geology was established in 1956 under the founder head Dr Mukul Ghosh.


In its long journey of fifty seven years, the department has flourished and is now self reliant. The department is indebted to late Dr W.N. Bansode, Late Dr T.P. Paikra and Dr G.S. Parashar. The department was initiated with meager means, but now the department has latest and sophisticated instruments, equipments, computers and software etc. Our department has unique geological museum having minerals rocks (including rare American collections), fossils (Ward’s Collection) and crystal models etc.. Departmental Library comprises of 4,000 books including rare Journals, memoirs and reports of Geological Survey of India etc. The Post Graduate classes initiated in 1967, and in 1984, the department is also registered as a recognized Research Centre of Pt Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur. Presently many students are registered for Ph.D.


Department at a Glance


  • Year of Establishment                -           UG – 1948

    PG – 1956


  • Number of Teaching staff                      -           Professor – 02

Asst. Professor – 01


  • No. of Supp  staff                                   -           Lab Technician – 01

Lab Attendant – 01

Farrash – 01


  • No. of Students                           -                     B.Sc. 1 – 90

B.Sc. 2 – 72

B.Sc. 3 – 64

M.Sc. – 38

Ph D – 03


  • Results                                        -           B.Sc. 1 – 83.10

B.Sc. 2 – 98.70

B.Sc. 3 – 83.92

M.Sc. – 100%


  • Publication –                                           List enclosed


  • Ph. D. Awarded  -                                    04


  • Research Project Completed –                08


  • Project / Dissertation/ Field Training – Compulsory For M.Sc. Students


Infrastructure      (Photographs Attached)


  1. Laboratory Facilities          -           UG Lab One
  2. Geological Museum                       -           01
  3. P.G. Library                       -           1780 Books
  4. P.G. Class Room                -           02


ICT Facilities

Three Rooms are fitted with LCD Projector, Two P.G. Class Room – F-17, F-20 and U.G. Lab F-18

Departmental Activity Plan for 2018-19


  1. Training Programe –


  1. P.G. Students of our department are regularly attending training program as per schedule given by C.G.W.B.


  1. Project work :


 As per syllables students of IInd & IV th sem M.Sc. visit different mines/plants / institutes for project/ Dissertation work for the period of 2 to 4 weeks.


  1. M.O.U. –


Department of Geology has MOU / collaboration with two National Institutes:


I, N.I.T. Raipur.          II. I.S.I. Calcutta.


  1. Standard operating practices for lab –


Geology practical is mostly related to identification of minerals, rocks fossils, crystals by physical and optical methods. Emphasis is given to field based studies.


  1. Waste disposal policy for lab – There is no waste produced during routine practical practice.


  1. Adaptation of school – In nearby area RD Tiwari school Adopted for different activities.


  1. Programme schedule for year 2018-19 –


  1. Career Counseling by GSI person august 18
  2. One day training program in ground water exploration In the month of October 18
  3. One day training program in artificial recharge in October 2018
  4. Field training to UG Students in the month of nov. – dec. 2018
  5. Field training for PG Students in the month of jan. – feb. 2019
  6. Seminar proposed in the month of feb. 2019


Vision of the Department:

To become an established department in the field of Earth sciences through advance curriculum and researches for optimum use of earth resources.


Mission of the department:

  • C.G. is a mineral rich state which provides a good field laboratory for geology student.
  • Our department is the oldest department in the state and we bear the
  • Responsibility to cater the students from whole of the state.
  • The aim of our department is to provide an extra practical training based knowledge to the students.
  • Our P.G. curriculum has been designed to fulfill the need of our vision.
  • Our mission is to produce skilled professional to satisfy the need of the mineral based industries of the state.
  • We also intend to do training and capacity building programme for student.

SWOC analysis

Action plan for next five years (Based on SWAC ANALYSIS):



  1. To meet out the shortage of research lab and lecture rooms it is essential to provide two class rooms for UG and PG Students and a research lab for research scholars.


  1.  For strengthening the knowledge of geology, expert lecture will be invited from alumni.


  1. Recruitment of teaching and supporting staff is essential. It should be brought into the notice of the state Govt


  1. Available facilities of qualified staff equipped lab, instruments would be utilized for consultancy.


  1. Funds for various activities would be generated by consultancy student fee collection, alumni, Jan bhagidari samiti Rusa and ISR.


  1. There are several mineral based industries, and mineral resources present in the Chhattisgarh state so there are lot of opportunity to get the job for our students.


Faculty Profile

  1. Name                                       -           Dr. S.S. Bhadauria (Professor)

DOB                                        -           10/12/1959

Qualification                            -           M. Tech, Ph. D

Specialization                          -           Hydro Geology

Teaching Experience               -           UG. 34 year

                                                            PG  22 year


  • Name                                                     Dr. Rajeeva Guhey (Professor)
  • DOB                                                      29/06/1961 
  • Specialization                          -            Sedimentology, Hydro Geology
  • Teaching Experience               -           UG. 34 year PG  32 year


  1. Name                                       -           Pradeep Thakur (Asst. Professor)


DOB                                        -           28/10/1958

Qualification                            -           M.Sc.

Specialization                          -           Stratigraphy, Physical Geology

Teaching Experience               -           UG 37

                                                            PG 30



List of Published Research


Thrust areas of Research:


      The research projects and PhD thesis submitted  in the department are mainly in following thrust area:

                  1) Igneous and Metamorphic petrology,

                  2)  Sedimentology and

                  3) Hydrogeology. 

                                                    List of Published Research

 Dr Rajeeva Guhey :Details of Professional Training and Research Experience

Dr. SANDEEP VANSUTRE: Details of Professional Training and Research Experience







M. Sc.(Geology)

Training on Rainwater Harvesting

Context:                      Due to over exploitation of groundwater in urban areas, the groundwater level has gone drastically down. So student should aware about conservation of rainwater.

Objective:                   Practical training on conservation of rainwater.

Activity:                      Presentation in Classroom and Practical training on field.

Evidences:                  Photographs. Attached

Impact Analysis:       Learning outcome- Conservation of rainwater from runoff.

Beneficiary:  Students of M.Sc. and B.Sc. Geology



Geological Field work B Sc Part III students 2014-15

Context:                                Geology is a field science so field studies are essential.

Objective:             Field work help students to identify geological formation, structure etc.

Activity:                Practical training on field to measure dip strike of beds that is not possible in lab.

Evidences:            Photographs. Attached

Impact Analysis:                 Students can analyze different geological problems and phenomenon.

Geological Field Work M.Sc. Geology

Context:                                      Geology is a field science so field studies are essential.

Objective:                   Field work helps students to identify different lithological formations, structures.

Activity:                      Practical training on field and samples collected from various lithounits.

Evidences:                  Photographs. Attached

Impact Analysis:                 Learning outcome- Students can analyze different geological problems and phenomenon

Training ACTIVITY 17-18

Training ACTIVITY 16-17

Training ACTIVITY 15-16


Skill development training on Groundwater Exploration

Context:     Due to over exploitation of groundwater in urban areas, the groundwater level has gone drastically down. So potential zones of groundwater can be identified by Exploration Technique.

Objective:                   Identify aquifer by resistivity survey methods.

Activity:                      Practical training on Resistivity survey methods.

Evidences:                  Photographs. Attached

Impact Analysis:       Learning outcome- Skill development in groundwater exploration technique.





Following students have been qualified / selected in different competitive exams

1. Mr Pramod kumar nayak     Qualified NET Exam 2014

                                                            Selected in GSI (2015) (GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF INDIA)

                                                            Selected as MINING OFFICER through CG PSC

2.Deepak Mishra-                    Selected as MINING OFFICER through  CG PSC


3.Triveni Dewangan-               Selected as MINING INSPECTOR through CG PSC

                                                Selected as MINING OFFICER through CG PSC

4.Babloo Pandey -                      Selected as MINING INSPECTOR through CG PSC

5. Shubhash Chandra Sahu                  Selected as MINING INSPECTOR through CG PSC

6.Helendra Kumar                       Selected as MINING INSPECTOR through CG PSC

7.Ashwin Jhadi                            Selected as MINING INSPECTOR through CG PSC


As per the photograph 

1st row (Mining officer) (Sitting from left to right)

1.Triveni Dewangan


3.Deepak Mishra


5.Pramod Kumar 

2nd row (Mining inspector)




4.Deepak Tiwari

5.Rakesh Verma



8.Subhash ChnadraSahu

Last row - (Mining inspector)

1. Rohit Sahu

2.Jagrit Gayakavad

3.Bablu Pandey


5.Neeraj Sharma










                           UG CLASSROOM





































 MUSEUM SPECIMENS                                                  

FOSSIL OF AMMONITE                                                                    PETRIFIED WOOD

EGG & HATCHERY OF DIANOSAURS                       CRYSTALS OF FLUORITE MINERAL                                                                 


PETROLOGICAL &ORE MICROSCOPE                                                        


RESISTIVITY METER                                                               WATER ANALYSIS KIT

. Clinometer ,brunton compass, hammer    Hardness testing kit &contact goniometer