शासकीय नागार्जुन स्नातकोत्तर विज्ञान महाविद्यालय ,रायपुर

Government Nagarjuna Post Graduate College of Science, Raipur

Established 1948

Affiliated to Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University Raipur

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College has its own Policy to promote Research activities. The code and conduct of Research policy has been adopted from Ordinance 45 of the Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University which awards Ph.D. degrees to Research scholars. The research policy maintains ethical standards in Scientific Research for better results and prevents misconduct like plagiarism. Research is conducted in the college by following the rules laid in policy.

  1. Research work for the award of PhD degree is conducted in the seven Pt Ravishankar Shukla University authorized research centres: Botany, Chemistry, Defense Studies, Geology, Mathematics, Physics and Zoology.
  2. Faculty members who are registered as guide in the University are only permitted to act as Supervisor/Co-supervisor for guiding research for the award of PhD degree.
  3. Research work is carried out by faculty members as well as students for the award of PhD degree. Selection of Research scholars is made on the basis of the entrance examination conducted  by Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University. Selected students opt for research centres. At the Research centre, Supervisors are allotted as per the vacancy under the registered supervisor, according  to the  policy of the government. College follows UGC guidelines of 2009 and UGC 2016 and Ordinance 45 of University (as approved by Co-ordination Committee on 19. 04.2017) as the principal document for research. The College provides all the facilities to its Faculty members and Research scholars for conducting research.

Various research activities are also conducted in collaboration with University departments and other academic institutes. Faculty members receive grants under the Projects from various National funding agencies like UGC, CSIR, CCOST etc. Research scholars get financial assistance as fellowship from various agencies like UGC, CSIR and University fellowship. College also provides seed money to the departments engaged in Research work. The research activities are evident from the research publications and PhD’s produced by the department in the last five years. Majority of the research papers published are in Journals included in UGC list. Seminars and Conferences have also been conducted in the last five years to promote research activities. Research work conducted is either fundamental or application oriented. It has socio-economic importance.

Initiatives taken by the college to promote and monitor research-

  1. College Research Committee-College has constituted a Research Committee, consisting of five members. This committee promotes research activities in the college. The Committee organizes meetings and decides on the activities to be planned in the academic year. All the faculty members are motivated to carry out research by providing all the necessary information. Faculty members are also motivated to submit research projects and Seminar and Workshop proposals. All the proposals are submitted to Research committee for evaluation. Research committee organizes a meeting of subject experts and evaluates the proposals. Later it is submitted to various bodies for the receipt of grants.
  2. Departmental Research Committee (DRC): All the research centres have Departmental Research Committees to look after all the academic matters related to PhD degree. DRC consists of the Principal of the college as Chairman and registered supervisors as members. There should be at least 3 members including Chairman. If the number of supervisors is less than 2 then the Vice Chancellor nominates a member.

Functions of DRC:

1. Selection and admission of Ph.D. students

2. Allocation of Research Supervisors for students enrolled for the Ph.D. program depending upon the vacancy, the number of students per faculty member permitted by the university, the available specializations among the faculty supervisors, and the research interest of the student as indicated during the interview of the student.

3. Assessment of redundancy of research proposals

              4. Evaluation of research progress every six month

              5. Approval of the synopsis of PhD thesis

              6. Pre Ph.D. presentation is evaluated by DRC.

After successful completion of course work, the Synopsis of PhD is forwarded to University for approval in the RDC (Research Degree Committee) for formal Registration.

  1. Plagiarism Cell: The Plagiarism Cell of the college consists of 5 members. Manuscript submitted to the cell is checked in Urkund software. Before submission of Ph.D. thesis, it is mandatory to check Plagiarism. Thereafter it is sent to the University Plagiarism Cell for the certification that the thesis is free from plagiarism, after which the thesis is submitted to the University. The action of the Cell is based on the report generated through using appropriate software for the detection of plagiarism.


  1. IQAC cell - Promotion of Research is also done by organizing Seminars/ Workshop/ Lectures and Training programs. IQAC cell of the college also monitors the quality of research, through academic audit.

Website- Details of research guidelines are given in Ordinance 45 of Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur and can be seen on the college website.